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Royal Jac – The Triple – Weekend after Weekend!!

Once more Annika Barfeld’s awesome colt Royal Jac was guided by his pilot Juergen Pouls as if the couple is from one.

We cannot remember when we last time saw a horse so perfect fitting the NRHA A. General rule (“The best reined horse should be willingly guided and pleased to watch”) like this pair does. We could watch them showing again and again and again.

Shown twice at the DRHA End Of The Year Show, Royal Jac and Jürgen were winning for a Co-Champion the Novice Horse Open L2 and were ready to go for the:

Champion NRHA Lawson Trophy Open scoring 148.5

As breeder of this fancy stallion we are so proud, we cannot be more!
Thank you, Annika for making possible all these unforgettable show moments with Royal Jac.